Real Estate Management

Terrus Real Estate Group is one of the largest property and facility management firms in Iowa managing approximately 4.9 million square feet of property, of which 2.4 million square feet is residential consisting of 2,000 units. We understand that each property owner has goals and objectives for their real estate. We also understand the importance of meeting those goals and objectives. Whether your building is a long-term investment where reputation, occupancy and asset appreciation is most important, or your property is a short-term investment where maximizing current cash-flow is foremost, Terrus is able to create a plan to fulfill those objectives.

Each property we manage benefits from a single point of contact, a Terrus Relationship Manager, who along with a senior level manager considers all aspects of the client’s facility or property needs. The Relationship Manager is fully engaged in the owner’s goals and objectives and is focused on making sure they are proactively addressed with every decision.

Terrus provides the following property and facility management services:
  • Financial Management

    Budget management and financial reporting are important to the owner and to us. Terrus provides thorough financial statements and balance sheets on a regular basis to ensure we are operating the property within your business plan and meeting our client's objectives for the property.
  • Lease Administration

    Terrus recognizes that for any real estate investment of the landlord, tenant relationships are a key to fostering a positive experience. Whether representing the landlord or the tenant, compliance of lease terms is an area we are committed to managing in order to maximize value.
  • Operations

    Terrus provides vendor and contract management to ensure the highest quality service while maintaining cost effective expense management. We also have a highly trained staff who provide building engineering and call center services.