Brokerage Services

Terrus’ Brokerage Team understands that leasing or purchasing real estate can be one of the most important decisions you or your company will make. Location, improvement costs, signage, traffic patterns, market trends, local zoning codes, or tax laws may affect your decision. The Terrus Brokerage Team has experience in all of these areas. We understand the local market and advise our clients each day on which real estate decisions will best satisfy their overall business goals.

At Terrus, we can manage the entire real estate transaction process from inception to final completion while providing professional services in the following areas:
  • Site Selection

    The evaluation and analysis of available sites tailored to meet your company’s objectives and needs.
  • Market Analysis

    Terrus provides analysis of current market conditions, market trends, and space availability, and then applies that information to your company’s specific goals.
  • Tenant Representation

    Utilizing Market Analysis and a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) system, Terrus can represent your interests while managing the entire process of securing space (site identification through lease execution).
  • Acquisition Representation

    Utilizing the components of the Site Selection and Market Analysis, Terrus will manage the entire acquisition process from property identification through closing, while keeping your business goals foremost in the decision-making process.
  • Real Estate Disposition

    Terrus handles the development and implementation of a marketing program that will maximize our client’s sales proceeds when disposing of all property types, including retail, industrial, office, income generating properties and land.
  • Landlord Representation

    We develop and implement a marketing program that markets vacant space, while actively managing vacancy and renewal activity on behalf of the client. Terrus' experience in representing landlords from an owner’s perspective has been developed over years of serving as both a leasing agent and asset manager.
  • Corporate Leasing

    Terrus has an experienced team who can provide complete client representation for corporate clients with multiple locations of leased space.

Our services include the development and implementation of corporate real estate strategy to maximize the cost effectiveness of procurement and management of expansion and renewal activity.